Descriptive and Argumentative Essays About CrossFit: Things to Mention

This article will serve a few purposes at once. Firstly, it will give you a basic information about what crossfit is. Secondly, it will give you the basic hints on what to write about in a descriptive or argumentative essay about crossfit. We do not expect your professor to assign you such a specific topic for an essay, but still, we believe you often get a task to write on a free topic. In such case, the following information will come in handy.

What Is CrossFit?

Any essay may start with a brief introduction about what crossfit is, so your reader will have the necessary informational basis.

A curious thing: crossfit is a brand registered by Greg Glassman in 2000, in the USA. Definition comes from the notion itself: it is a mixed fitness. Mainly, it is aimed at increase of the organism’s capacity and sustainability. This is a separate kind of sport that is characterized by the constant variation of movements. The exercises are performed with the high intensiveness and within different temporary intervals. Usually, the set of exercises lasts for 15-60 minutes and includes ones to train different groups of muscles. The basic crossfit includes the following sets: cardio, gymnastic, as well as free weight exercises.

What Is Crossfit for?

The philosophy of crossfit is to create an ideal athlete: the most physically trained people on the Earth. That is why it is widely used in martial arts, in training of special military units, firefighters, and other professionals, the physical training of which is of a keen importance.

Plusses and Minuses of Crossfit

The following features mentioned may complement the description of crossfit, as well as become a basis for an argumentative essay for or against crossfit training.

Pro Arguments

To support the pro-side in the argumentative essay on crossfit, you will need the following arguments. However, it is a must to consider the against arguments to disprove them and make your essay stronger.

  • Aerobic set helps to train heart, strengthen the general organism’s sustainability, betters metabolism processes. Overall, a person who practices crossfit regularly will sleep and eat better and their psychological state will significantly increase.
  • Gymnastic set increases the body’s flexibility, betters the coordination and vestibular apparatus functioning. Therefore, one will feel their body and control it better.
  • Weightlifting makes one stronger. Basically, one will become stronger in all senses of the world. Surely, this is not bodybuilding, but still, your muscles will grow.
  • Overall, the diversity of exercises will not make someone bored. The group training is always encouraging and with a bit of competition, so one will train with excitement. Having trained regularly and a lot, one will become a universal soldier.

Against Arguments

In case you do not like crossfit and want to write an essay against it, consider the following:

  • There is a belief that crossfit is harmful to one’s heart health. This is because the heart is working extra hard during such training. If not to keep the proper regime, the problems will come very soon.
  • As any sport that deals with the free weight, crossfit is traumatic. One should be a real expert at how to perform each particular exercise. It is possible to perform an exercise 100 times and get a trauma on the 101st.
  • Yes, one can become a universal soldier, but they will never become the best in something. The crossfiter will never lift more weight than a weightlifter, run more than a marathons runner, or be more flexible than a gymnast is.

We hope that you have got enough information for a basic essay on crossfit. However, if you want a more specific or lengthy piece, you should get some help with CoolEssay.Net.