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Our Team-

Ashley Brady- Owner/Head Coach (L1)
"Keep going- you can move and breathe at the same time!"

When/where/why did you start CF? In 2008 at a Gold's Gym! When I signed up for the gym they gave me a few free personal training sessions and the personal trainer I worked with was CF Certified. I was instantly hooked!

What attracted you to stay with CF? I come from a non-sports background so CF was definitely hard in the beginning. But I found out that I could really excel at things I never thought I would be able to do. The fact that CF gives you goals in things other than just weight loss is what is so great. I could just focus on getting stronger, perfecting my form, working towards that first pull up exc. and the physical changes to my body just happened. 

Why did you want to be a coach? I knew a few months into training at an actual CF affiliate that that is what I wanted to do! I just loved the ideas behind CF and wanted to help people reach their goals using the CF process. I want people to realize that at any age you can learn new things, be competitive, be part of a community and become more comfortable in every day life.

Brandi Lanier- Coach

Gabriella Mumford- Coach

Paul Moyer- Coach

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Call/Text: (772) 285-4317        CFE Facebook Page