- 'I don't workout at all now, or workout very little, am I fit enough to get through a CrossFit workout?
YES! Every workout can be scaled to meet your current fitness level, even if you think you don't have a level. For example, we have bands to use for pull ups and light weights to use for weightlifting. It's nothing to be scared of. The best way to get better at CrossFit is to do CrossFit.

- 'Will my fitness level hold other people back in the group class?'
No! Everyone in the class is doing the same workout, at their own level, so you will not hold anyone back.

- 'I play/do other sports or have an active job. Will I get to sore or injure myself doing CrossFit that will negatively effect this sport/job?'
You will get sore from doing CrossFit, just as you would with any other exercise. You will not injure yourself as long as you listen the coach about form and scale properly. Sometimes our ego wants to get in the way, but we always must remember safety first.

- 'I hear CrossFit can be very dangerous and people have told me I will definitely injure myself. What can you say about this?'
A chance of injury is present in anything you do on a daily basis. We use a lot of different equipment and do a lot of different movements. Our coaches take the time to teach you the proper form and make sure you keep this good form through out the workout. Injures come from not listening or scaling appropriately. Our main goal is to keep everyone safe and get a great work out.

- 'Is there any child care or kids area at the gym?'
We do not have a baby sitter at the gym, but we do have a child area that is air conditioned with a couch, tv, Wi, and DVD player. The gym also has WiFi. There is no supervision of this area, so the child must be able to sit by themselves or with other kids. If the child is younger and you wish to keep an eye on them, they can sit on the steps in the workout area, but must stay put and can not be running out onto the gym floor.

- 'My child plays sports and is interested in trying out CrossFit. How old do they need to be in order to participate?'
Kids must be at least 13 to join in the CrossFit group classes.

- 'Do you have a CrossFit kids program?'
NO, we currently do not offer any crossfit kids programs. Kids may join the regular group classes if they are at least 13 years old.

- 'Is there a shower or locker rooms?'
YES, we have 1 shower that can be used.

- 'Can I come try out a class?'
YES, everyone gets a 1 class free trial. 

- 'How much does it cost and what are the class times?'
Check out the 'Rates' tab for class cost. The class times can be found on the 'Class Schedule'. 

- 'Is there any room to do extra practice or training during classes?'
YES, we have an extra room that can be used for weightlifting practice/strength. In order to use this room you must be a current member and approved by a coach. You must have good form and clear understanding what you are capable of when weightlifting.

- 'Can I just come in and do my own thing?'
NO, all CrossFit classes are ran as group classes following the same programming. Once you are a member and approved by a coach, there is a room to work on extra lifting (see above), but this isn't to be used to as the main work out.

- 'I crossfit out of town and would like to drop in, is there any fee?'
NO, we do not charge a drop in fee for up to 2 visits per person. If you plan on dropping in more than 2 times then we do charge $10 per class.

Have a question this isn't listed here? Send us an email on the 'Contact Us' tab.

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