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Thursday Aug 10

Warm Up-
3 Rounds
20sec Rope Hang at Extension
20sec Top of OHS Hold
20sec Rope Hang Chin over Hands
20sec Bottom of OHS Hold
**15sec Btwn movements**


Pick 1:

15min-Work to HS Hang (any) Snatch
then (If time) 80%x2x3

15min AYCE-
200m Run/250m Row/12Cal Bike
15 Box Jumps
10 DB Snatch


WOD (12min)
4 Rounds:
2min AYCE *Rnd 4=3min*- 1min Rest btwn Rnds
Buy In:
1 Rope Climb/2 Pulls
8 Burpees
AYCE: Overhead Squats 115/85 (+155/105,-95/65)

Score= # of OHS Completed