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Monday March 13

Warm Up-
Snatch Drills
-Bar Path
-Snatch Balance

For Time (24min cap)

3 Rounds:
6 CTB Pull Ups
6 Squat Snatch 95/65 (scl. 45/35)
3 Rounds:
7 CTB Pull Ups
5 Squat Snatch 135/95 (scl. 75/55)
3 Rounds:
8 CTB Pull Ups
4 Squat Snatch 185/135 (scl. 95/65)
3 Rounds:
9 CTB Pull Ups
3 Squat Snatch 225/155 (scl. 115/75)
3 Rounds:
10 CTB Pull Ups
2 Squat Snatch 245/175 (scl. 135/95)
3 Rounds:
11 CTB Pull Ups
1 Squat Snatch 265/185 (scl. 155/105)

**If you are signed up for the OPEN you must beat time caps after each 3 rounds in order to keep moving on. Once you fail to make the time cap you may continue on for workout purposes but it will not count for your official score. You will also have someone change your weight for you so the bar is ready when you switch weights.
**If you are NOT signed up we are treating the WOD as a 24min overall cap. You will be responsible for changing your own weight.