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Monday March 6

Warm Up-
5 Rounds
20sec Air Squats
20sec V Ups
20sec PVC Good Mornings
20sec bar hang

OPEN 17.2

12min AYCE:
2 Rounds-

50ft DB Walking Lunges (50/35) scl: 35/20
16 TTB (scl: Knee Raises)
8 DB Power Cleans (50/35) scl: 35/20
2 Rounds-
50ft DB Walking Lunges
16 Bar Muscle Ups (scl: Pull Ups)
8 DB Power Cleans 

**After the 4th Round go back to 2 Rounds w/ ttb**
--If you are not signed up for the open & you have not completed 4+ rounds in the 12min, wod then turns into 4 rounds for time w/ 20min cap--

Extra Credit-
5 Rounds not for time:
1:00 D-Ball hug hold 100/75
:30sec L Sit (rings, paralettes, floor)