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Mon Jan 9

Warm Up-
Review Rope Climb techniques & Legless RC Techniques

Gymnastics Conditioning-
1 Rope Climb
op1: Vest legless/Legless from sitting on floor start
op2: Legless (always start legless as long as possible and use feet if needed to finish climb)
op3: W/ feet Rope Climb
op4: 2 box pulls coming to a hover above ground @ bottom before pulling back up *Knees as straight as possible*

For Time *20 min cap*
Pull Ups
SDHP 115/85 (comp: cal on assault bike/rower)
Shoulders to Overhead 115/85
Jumping Lunges
*Weight for SDHP is same weight being used for S2OH*
*MOD Pull Ups to 20-10-5 if needed*