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Thursday Jan 5

Warm Up-

20sec Ring Support Hold (top)
10sec switch
20sec Handstand Hold (wall or FS)
10sec switch
20sec Low Ring Support Hold (bottom)
10sec switch
20sec Headstand/Tripod Hold
10sec switch

Pick 1: Strength or Endurance

15 min to complete

Clean & Jerk
65% 3+1
70% 3+1
75% 3+1
80% 2+1 x 2
85% 1+1 x 3
**If you do not know your 1rm use this time to find it OR quickly work up to a HS then drop down & complete first 3 sets**

5 Rounds (15min cap)
100m Farmers Carry 55/35 ea hand
20 Squat Bar Touches

For Time (15min cap)
10 Ring MU (Mod: Band Transitions, Bar, or 2x 7 RR+7Dips) 
150 DU/FR/250 singles
20 Squat Snatch (135/95)(+155/105 -95/65)
150 DU/FR/250 singles
10 Ring MU
**Banded Mup transitions only if you can do rx dip from 3sec hold at the bottom**