About US 

What we do & What we aim to achieve:

It is our goal at CrossFit Epidemic to help each member achieve maximum fitness and wellness in the shortest amount of time possible through the methodologies of CrossFit training.

- 1 hour group training classes with certified coaches
- Different workout every day (Warm Up, Skills, & High Intensity WOD portion)
- Scalable for ANY fitness level

Workouts include:
- Weightlifting
- Kettle bells
- Power/Olympic Lifting
- Gymnastics Skills (pull ups, push ups, air squats, exc)
- Cardiovascular/metabolic conditioning type movements (running, jump rope, exc)


3550 SW Armellini Ave Palm City, FL 34990 (was Ranch Feed location prior)
Turnpike Industrial Park - NW Corner of Martin Downs and 714

FL Health Studio# HS9824

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